Android with Intellij and Tesco Hudl- week 2

There have been a small number of minor issues to overcome to get up and running.

Issue one: Figuring out how to turn on developer’s mode on the latest Android operating system. Not too big a problem – press the about / build info in settings 7 times. A message popped up but no developer’s menu appeared…

(See various links, youtube clips etc for this). Or here.

Issue two: developer menu only appears if you are logged in with the first account to be created on a device. I tried it with a second account. Doh, a few minutes of frustration with a small lightbulb moment!

Issue three: Tesco’s view is that the HUDL is not a developer platform and hence no USB drivers. This is a little short sighted of them to be honest. Luckily the Samsung drivers work just fine. Thanks Samsung. If I had tried with my Galaxy S3 first on this laptop I may not have even known there was such an issue. (I used Samsung USB driver 1.5.33 which works nicely with the HUDL).

Issue four: Don’t forget to install JRE, Java, git, ant, etc but more importantly go and setup all the appropriate environment variables. (See set or setx commands under Windows).

Everything was now buildable and deployable to my Android device. Yay!