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Horde of the Damned supports 4-player quickbattle mode. With maps specifically designed for multiplayer action. Each quickbattle map supports up to four players. Each color may be “local” (a human), “AI” (normal or hard) or “closed”. Each human player uses the same controller.

Each color is assigned one of the player types. Red is always Kingdom Troops, Blue is always undead, Yellow is Kingdom and Green is undead. If you want to have a two player undead vs undead then simply choose Blue vs Green.

The current player’s turn is indicated by the color of the cursor.

The AI comes with two difficulty settings – normal and hard. (In the campaign hard AI is used in later levels – the AI does wider analysis of what strategic objectives it wishes to meet).

Horde of the Damned – Campaign Level Walkthrough Investigation

You can watch a youtube video of this walkthrough.

  • Select the village of Tref (slightly to the north of where the cursor selection begins the level)
  • Build a Windmill. This gives you a guaranteed income once it has been built.
  • Move the Scouts to the South East of the map and attack the Watch tower.
    • The Undead will get less income
    • You will get more income
    • They will expose themselves and either attack you in the watch tower or move across the map to Tref
  • Build some defenders inteh Watch tower just in case
  • If they move the North (to attack Tref) then capture Owan
  • If they attack the watch tower then defeat the attacking army and then capture Owan
  • Don’t let your commander die. If Mervyn dies then it is game over – this applies to all levels.
  • If you don’t spend your money the upkeep on the scouts will drain it if they aren’t garrisoned in a settlement

Horde of the Damned – Settlement Control

Move the cursor to a town or village on the map. Press Y and the settlement management control will be shown. You may see information about enemy settlements.

Use the DPAD or thumbstick to move the cursor around the various elements of the screen. You can see the current pieces that are defending that settlement (the garrisioned pieces), you can see the upgrades and you can also see the piece types that you could buy or the new upgrades that are available. (You can only do that on your own settlements). As you move the selection around you will see information about the highlighted element.

Horde of the Damned - Settlement Control