Horde of the Damned – Campaign Level Walkthrough Investigation

You can watch a youtube video of this walkthrough.

  • Select the village of Tref (slightly to the north of where the cursor selection begins the level)
  • Build a Windmill. This gives you a guaranteed income once it has been built.
  • Move the Scouts to the South East of the map and attack the Watch tower.
    • The Undead will get less income
    • You will get more income
    • They will expose themselves and either attack you in the watch tower or move across the map to Tref
  • Build some defenders inteh Watch tower just in case
  • If they move the North (to attack Tref) then capture Owan
  • If they attack the watch tower then defeat the attacking army and then capture Owan
  • Don’t let your commander die. If Mervyn dies then it is game over – this applies to all levels.
  • If you don’t spend your money the upkeep on the scouts will drain it if they aren’t garrisoned in a settlement