Flap Basic Controls

Use the thumb stick to control your dragon. You may fly all over the screen but you cannot fly into the ground.

Left handed players use the right thumb stick; right handed players use the left thumb stick on the controller.

Use the right handed trigger to fire. You my keep it pressed and the dragon will fire as fast as it can.


As you destroy buildings and other targets Mana will be released. The Mana may be used to cast spells. Pressing the “A” button will cast the currently selected spell.

Use the D-Pad control to move the spell selector left and right.

Quick Cast

Two spells have buttons permanently assigned to them. The Shield spell may be cast with the “B” button Flap Quick Cast Shield¬†and the heal spell may be cast with the “X” button. Button X

The next recommended spell will be assigned to the “Y”button Y button. As soon as you cast a spell with “Y” it will move onto the next recommendation. The quick cast buttons will only apear if you can afford the spells.